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How to get the most out of mastering.studio

We want you to mix the song. Like a good mastering studio, we will lift it up to its full potential while maintaining your creative vision. To deliver a mix to mastering.studio, you don’t need to alter or change it, provided you follow one important rule: Keep the dynamic range alive! In this example you can see the difference in the waveforms of some example tracks.

Good Dynamic Range
good dynamic range
Bad Dynamic Range 1
bad dynamic range
Bad Dynamic Range 2
bad dynamic range
How to Deliver Your Mix

Great mixes make for great masters - so make sure your mix already sounds good before you upload it. Mix your tracks just the way you want them to sound!

  • Export your mix in 24 Bit / 96 kHz if possible. A mix delivered in 16 Bit / 44.1 kHz WAV format will sound good, but the same mix delivered in 24 Bit / 96 kHz will sound better.
  • Please don’t let anybody tell you to get rid of the master buss processing on your mix! If you dial in a master buss compressor or EQ that you like, please keep it on your master fader! After all, the sum of all your processing makes your mix!
  • You may even mix into a limiter, as long as you don’t produce a “sausage” mix already (see our example pictures about Dynamic Range!). Use a metering plugin like “bx_meter” to verify that your mix still has a Dynamic Range of at least 6dB (and a bit more is nice to have!).
  • Our service can work with a wide variety of mix levels - but ideally your track keeps at least 6dB of Dynamic Range. In this case we will be able to properly preserve the transients and peaks in your music while delivering a master with competitive loudness! Leave the loudness to us, we’ve got this!
  • Check your track for errors and unwanted noises before you order your master! Clicks, pops and hiss will not be removed from your recording magically.
  • You’ll also want to trim “tops” and “tails”, making sure that your track starts and ends exactly where you want it to. Please edit your mixes if possible so you don’t have to alter the master files once you receive them from us.
Why is Mastering Important?

Good mastering goes beyond just getting your levels right. A proper master is like a final quality control step for your mix that helps correct errors, and a final “sweetening” pass that helps bring your tracks vibrantly to life. Before mastering, most mixes will sound surprisingly quiet next to professionally mastered tracks—even after streaming services apply automatic volume normalization. With mastering.studio, your tracks will sound appropriately loud and proud, just the way you’ve always imagined them in your head. Our masters help ensure that your mixes are well-balanced across the frequency spectrum, without dips and resonances you may miss due to imperfections in your listening environment, allowing your productions to translate to any system, from car stereos to laptops to high-end speaker systems.

Hearing is Believing!

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Under The Hood

Brainworx Audio in Germany has been creating award-winning audio algorithms for mastering applications since 2006. Our founder Dirk Ulrich has had a career as a producer and mastering engineer for 2 decades before he even started designing some of the best loved plugins out there. The BX Team has developed patented solutions to capture analog realism “in the box” (TMT, US Patent No. 10,725,727), world-class digital filters that are being taught at Universities today, and we have launched some of the best-sounding limiters and M/S tools in the world. Dirk Ulrich created the ultimate analog-sounding, digital mastering chain and worked with a whole team of audio engineers, machine-learning specialists and international mastering engineers for years to develop a fully customizable, computer-guided Mastering Audio Workstation, which will be used by professional mastering engineers in the mastering studio of the future. Our online mastering.studio is using some of the best-sounding styles of the professional desktop application, in an affordable, easy cloud-solution, for artists and producers like you.

Dirk Ulrich
“We started to create mastering software that assists experienced engineers while giving them full control, and that offers "auto mode" for everybody else. I knew we were on to something when producers started sending more and more mixes.”
Dirk Ulrich
Owner Mastering.Studio, Brainworx, Plugin Alliance