Frequently Asked Questions

What filetypes does mastering.studio support?
How long can my mix / track be?
Will there be new Mastering Styles in the future?
How many times can I download my master?
How many tracks can I upload?
What is TMT?
Can I use mastering.studio to make my music ready for commercial release?
Do I keep ownership and copyright of my music?
Can I adjust the settings of a Mastering Style?
Can I suggest a feature to you?
What is M/S Processing?
I created an account, but I never received a confirmation email.
Can I pay in EURO, or any other currency?
Can I get a refund for my purchase?
How do I change the email address that I use for my account?
What filestypes does mastering.studio support?
How does mastering.studio work?
Can I master a whole album?
How much does online music distribution cost?
What happens when I want to remaster a track I have already mastered?
If I cancel my distribution subscription, what happens to my songs on streaming platforms?
What is an ISRC code?
Do I Need to Provide a ISRC Codes?
What types of music files can I distribute and master with mastering.studio?
Can I distribute a song without using the mastering.studio mastering service?
What is a Spotify URL and how do I find it?
  • Click on the three dots
  • Click ‘Share‘ on the menu
  • Choose ‘Copy Spotify URI‘ from the second menu

You'll also see the options to ‘Copy Song Links‘ and ‘Embed Codes‘.

On the new downloadable desktop version of Spotify hold down the modifier key (Alt/Ctrl) in the share menu:

What are the requirements for album art?
  • JPG file (*.jpg or *.jpeg)
  • A file size larger than 1 MB and up to 10 MB.
  • The image must be a square (Aspect ratio 1:1)
  • Pixel dimensions of at least 1400 x 1400 pixels up to 4000 x4000 pixels.

Can i upload music containing samples?
How long does it take for my songs to get released on all streaming and sales platforms?
Can i upload multiple versions of a song?
Can I Change My Artist Name?
Can I use another artist's name?
How to Find My Artist/Album page on each streaming platform?

search for your artist name, navigate to your artist page, and then copy the URL

Can i release a collaboration between two or more artists?
Can i upload for multiple artists? As a label?
Can I upload different albums under different artist names?
How do i split royalties for my tracks?
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