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Under The Hood

Brainworx Audio in Germany has been creating award-winning audio algorithms for mastering applications since 2006. Our founder Dirk Ulrich has had a career as a producer and mastering engineer for 2 decades before he even started designing some of the best loved plugins out there. The BX Team has developed patented solutions to capture analog realism “in the box” (TMT, US Patent No. 10,725,727), world-class digital filters that are being taught at Universities today, and we have launched some of the best-sounding limiters and M/S tools in the world. Dirk Ulrich created the ultimate analog-sounding, digital mastering chain and worked with a whole team of audio engineers, machine-learning specialists and international mastering engineers for years to develop a fully customizable, computer-guided Mastering Audio Workstation, which will be used by professional mastering engineers in the mastering studio of the future. Our online mastering.studio is using some of the best-sounding styles of the professional desktop application, in an affordable, easy cloud-solution, for artists and producers like you.